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#1 2017-08-06 00:38:45

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Store Update 2017/06/08


We have added a few products to our catalog this week.

Which includes a new expanded RC offering, this includes boats and gas powered cars and more drones!

Added a few more clothing items, including a nice my Little pony kids shirt, A taste full womans Tank top entitled *Tacos and Tequila.*

This week we are adding security cameras with dvr, Harley Davidson apparel, and more. These items are added after we complete our review of each product.

We are also in the process of setting our satellite store website up. That will offer knives, esmoke and Android boxes. This will only accept PayPal as a payment options due to our processors policy on those items.

If we don't have something you are looking for let us know! We can get almost anything! (Please be advised, knives, tv boxes, electronic smoke can not be paid for with our cx processor and can not be listed on our Facebook or main store. These are policies each one has)

We have also made sure Our shipping policies and payment procedures are properly links on our website so you may view at your convenience.


We are also in the process of adding referral and return customer incentives. If you're a customer and you refer someone you'll receive a 10% kick back on the profit of the sale. As for return incentives, every x points you earn will be x amount off a future order(we haven't determined the value of x yet.)

We have removed some feature that were closing the website to become slow, and near unresponsive, while these features were good for streamlining your experience, if you can not shop you can not have a good experience!


We did have to change one of our payment policies.

Due to several bounced checks(nsf - not sufficient funds) we no longer accept E-Checks via PayPal. We do still accept the following options.

  • American Express

  • JCB

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • Discover

  • lay Buy

  • Paypal

So if it has any of those logos including debit cards we accept them. We also accept gift cards with those logos and prepaid cards(ie NetSpend)

We know this is an inconvenience, unfortunately to protect us and to continue to offer you low prices we have to.

Thank you
Evlite Group


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