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#1 2017-09-22 03:16:20

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How to overlap MP3s?


I am trying to adjust two mp3 files so that they blend together as one ends and the other starts. I want the second mp3 to start playing while the first mp3 plays its last few seconds, or in other words, to overlap.
I tried Crossfade, since that at least sounded like what I wanted to do. But it deals with getting the music to start playing gradually.
Then I tried Offset (both mp3s in Track 1). But that made the second mp3 start only after the end of the first mp3 by the amount of time added to the Offset.
Then I put the second mp3 in Track 2 and used its Offset setting so that it would start playing a few seconds before the first mp3 ended. If the first mp3 was 2:50, I put the Offset for the second mp3 to be 2:45 go get an overlap of 5 seconds. This got the beginning of the second mp3 to start and to play with the ending of the first mp3 for 5 seconds.
Once I got the hang of it, it seems to be a workable solution. My question is, is this the only way to do this in PTE? I don't want to use Audacity to do this. I want to be able to make these adjustments with the audio as I do the editing of the show, within PTE.
Wouldn't it be easier if we could just put both mp3s in Track 1 and be able to put in a negative value in for the Offset for the second mp3 to accomplish the overlapping of the mp3s?


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