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Seems like yesterday I was 14 riding my Cushman Eagle Motor Scooter thru Miller Park in Bloomington, Il.  That same year and with my 12,year old brother on the back we rode it 175 miles to Indy to visit with Aunt &'Uncle. 30 miles from Indy it quit, we coasted a few feet into a service station.  Found one of two bolts holding the carb on had fallen out.  Used vise grip to hold in place & drove on to Indy.

I never dreamed that at 80 I would be feeling so good, and still enjoying my arty projects.  A lot has to do with my wonderful bride of 57 years Sharon Fern, she would be quick to tell YOU that she's from upper Michigan, Iron Mountain to be exact. One of the homes of PASTIES, miners wrapped them in newspaper and took them down in the copper mines.  Ever eat one??


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